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Your Structure.
Our Solution.

JBCI is committed to delivering intelligent solutions to the unique problems posed by buildings and structures. We take an adaptive approach to problem solving, with a strong foundation in fundamentals, complemented by the latest industry innovations and technology. Our energetic team is driven to provide the practical, long-term results our clients deserve.

Building Envelopes

JBCI specializes in building envelope assessment, repair and rehabilitation. Our expertise includes all building envelope elements from top to bottom including roofing, facades, foundations, plazas, windows, and doors. We have assessed and repaired over 200 facades and 100 roofs in the last five years from historic to modern construction.

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Academy of Notre Dame de Namur outdoor view building envelopes illustration

Academy of Notre Dame de Namur

Villanova, PA


JBCI provides structural design services to support the imagination of today’s clients. Whether a simple increase in load capacity or a complete building addition, we have encountered many structural challenges that require outward thinking and unique solutions. Our staff has extensive experience in building structures of all ages and types. We are committed to personalized problem-solving and look for creative, yet practical, ways to bring a client’s vision to life.

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Forensic Engineering

JBCI has been providing forensic investigations, failure analysis, and prevention recommendations for over 30 years. We provide not only the technical expertise and support required, but also present and communicate technical and complex information in a clear and definitive style.

What caused a structural failure? Is an assignment of responsibility required? Is there a public safety concern? Does the structure require immediate stabilization? These are difficult questions that require an immediate response. We pride ourselves on making sound decisions on the spot.

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JBCI demolishing building forensic engineering illustration

90 West Street

New York, NY

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